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Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra Strings


First Violins

 Thelma Handy (Leader)

 Adi Brett (Associate Leader)
Adopted by Dr WE & Mrs JM Kenyon

 Eva Thorarinsdottir (Associate Leader)
Adopted by Mr D & Dr A Davidson Lund

 Andrew Harvey (Joint Assistant Leader)
Adopted by Val & Brian Willis

 Mihkel Kerem (Joint Assistant Leader)
Adopted by Val & Brian Willis

 Martin Richardson
Adopted by Tim Jones in memory of Julia

 Concettina Del Vecchio
Adopted by Richard Bryson in memory of Jenny

 Alexander Marks †
Adopted by anonymous patron

 Stephan Mayer
Adopted by Carmel Stewart

 Ruth McNamara

 Susanna Poole
Adopted by Claire Deegan, Paul Holt and Alan Poole 

 Elizabeth Lamberton
Adopted by Mike and Joanne Jones

 Emily Mowbray
Adopted by Alan Turnock

 Rebecca Steventon
Adopted by Linda Harrison

 Qian Wu
Adopted by anonymous patron


Second Violins

 Katharine Richardson (Section Leader)
Adopted by Mrs Jean Bingham and anonymous patron

  Sophie Coles
Adopted by Val & Brian Willis

 Kate Marsden
Adopted by Dr E Vivori

 James Justin Evans †
Adopted by Rob and Val Howell and Mrs Alison Cohen

 Sally Anne Anderson
Adopted by Mr and Mrs J P Monaghan

 David Rimbault
Adopted by Margaret Metcalf In Memory of John

 Olga Smolen
Adopted by Victor Greenberg

 James Pattinson
Adopted by Judith Rigby

 Lukas Hank
Adopted by Mr & Mrs Paul and Ann Wynn

 Frances Evans
Adopted by Michael D Handley and Edward J Davies



 Catherine Marwood (Section Leader)

 Nicholas Bootiman (Section Leader)

 Gwendolyn Cawdron
Adopted by Jon and Sally Sheard

 Robert Shepley 
Adopted by Mike & Joanne Jones

 David Ruby 

 Richard Wallace 
Adopted by anonymous patron

 Fiona Stunden
Adopted by Jean Cross

 Rebecca Walters

 Rachel Jones 
Adopted by Robert and Pamela Ferguson

 Sarah Hill
Adopted by anonymous patron

 Ian Fair
Adopted by anonymous patron


  Jonathan Aasgaard
Adopted by Hugh & Juliet Morton and Brian Higgins in memory of Colleen

 Hilary Browning †
Adopted by Mrs P Browning

 Ian Bracken  †
Adopted by anonymous patron

 Gethyn Jones †
Adopted by Michael and Yvonne Dempsey

 Ruth Owens  †
Adopted by Mr and Mrs D Hugo

 Alexander Holladay
Adopted by Viv Hollinshead

 Mark Lindley

 Anna Stuart 
Adopted by Judith Knowles

Double Basses

 Marcel Becker (Section Leader)
Adopted by Paul and Christen Herbert

 Jamie Kenny
Adopted by anonymous patron

 Ashley Frampton
Adopted by anonymous patron and Mr D & Dr A Davidson Lund

 Nigel Dufty 
In memory of Teri

 Antony Williams

 † denotes Honorary Life Member of the Society

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