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Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra Brass


 Tim Jackson (Section Leader)
Adopted by Robin Bloxsidge and Nick Riddle

 Simon Griffiths

 Stephen Nicholls
Adopted by Robin Bloxsidge and Nick Riddle

 Timothy Nicholson
Adopted by Maestro! Touring and in memory of Joan McLarnon

 Christopher Morley †
Adopted by Ken Head


 Paul Marsden
Adopted by Roland Zollner & Colin Parr

 Richard Cowen

Tenor Trombone

 Simon Cowen (Section Leader)
Adopted by Mr Eric Jennings and Alan Platt

 Simon Powell
Adopted by Mr Eric Jennings and Peter Urquhart

Bass Trombone

 Simon Chappell
Adopted by Peter and Gwen Goodhew & Mr Eric Jennings


 Robin Haggart
Adopted by anonymous patron

† denotes Honorary Life Member of the Society

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