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In order to enter the venue for events from 1 September, you will need to demonstrate proof of COVID-19 status on arrival at the venue - find out more.

Adopt a musician

Support your favourite musicians

Adopting a member of the Orchestra is a wonderful opportunity to gain an insight into the life of Liverpool Philharmonic and to develop a relationship with the Orchestra.

Our annual Patrons’ Reception will give you a unique opportunity to get to know your adopted musician, as well as other players from the Orchestra.

Players can be adopted by more than one patron. For a full orchestra list, and to see who has already been adopted, please visit Our Musicians.

Suggested donations are as follows, and we recognise your gift in line with the membership levels.

Adopt a Player £250

Adopt a Section Leader £350

Adopt a Joint Associate Leader £700

Adopt a Guest Conductor £1,250

Adopt a Leader £2,500

Adopt the Chorus Master £2,500

Adopt the Chief Conductor, Vasily Petrenko £5,000

For further information or to receive our brochure, please email fundraising@liverpoolphil.com or call our Fundraising Team on 0151 210 2921.

Adopt Now

 Supporters Nick and Robin have just reached the 10 year anniversary of their adoption of our Horn Section Leader, Tim Jackson:

“It's amazing that it's already ten years since we started sponsoring Tim. Not only has he been a brilliant member of the orchestra as a musician and composer, but he and his family have become close friends too. The scheme is a great way to become more closely associated with the members of our wonderful band” Robin, supporter.

“The friendship with Nick and Robin, and the warmth they have extended to my whole family, has become one of the very best things for me about being part of the Phil. It makes me so happy to look out into the auditorium and see them there! Their support of the orchestra as a whole, and me personally, is a very clear reminder of the connection with the audience which is the real reason we do what we do.” Tim Jackson, Horn Section Leader.