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Liverpool Philharmonic enhances and transforms lives through music.

At the heart of our work is the critically-acclaimed Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra (the UK’s oldest); an extensive programme of participative work with young people and others across our community; and presentation of almost 400 concerts and events each year at our home, Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.

The Orchestra is led by Chief Conductor Domingo Hindoyan. Our Conductor Laureate is Vasily Petrenko.

The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir, the contemporary music group Ensemble 10:10, and our Chamber Music Series are integral parts of our concert programme. Liverpool Philharmonic also premieres and commissions more music than any other UK orchestra, with over 150 new works premiered or commissioned in the last 10 years.

Liverpool Philharmonic reaches more people than any music organisation outside London 

Over 350,000 people attend Liverpool Philharmonic concerts each year.

More than 100,000 young people participate in our Youth Company and associated ensembles, attend concerts or take part in our In Harmony programme. 

Over 500,000 people in 92 countries listen to our recordings each month on Spotify, more than any UK orchestra outside London.

More than 17,000 people have benefitted from our music and health programme over the last 14 years.

Liverpool Philharmonic is rooted in our city

We are central to Liverpool’s cultural offering, being the largest music organisation and one of the largest cultural organisations in the city, employing over 240 people. As well as our work in Liverpool, our Orchestra represents the city with performances and broadcasts across the UK and around the world.

The city’s young people are a central focus of our work. Our In Harmony programme provides intensive, daily music-making sessions for over 1,500 schoolchildren in Anfield and Everton, and we run more than 5,000 workshops and events for children of all ages in community settings across Liverpool. The Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Company provides a range of music-making opportunities for young people, including the Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Choir, Melody Makers, and the Rushworth Young Composers programme.

We work in partnership with the Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust, delivering programmes which support people in the Liverpool city region living with a range of mental health needs.

Liverpool Philharmonic is committed to diversity and inclusion

We work hard to reach right across our community through our learning work and concert programme.

World-class artists perform at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall and our smaller venue, the Music Room, as part of a diverse programme ranging from classical, contemporary, rock, pop, folk, roots and jazz music, to comedy, film and spoken word. We work with many organisations and cultural partners in Liverpool to ensure that the artists and performances we put on stage, and the audiences we attract, truly represent our communities. We are working hard to ensure that our workforce is as diverse as possible.


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