Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

The Damnation of Faust

The Damnation of Faust
John Nelson
Peter Hoare
Michèle Losier
Adam Lau
Božidar Smiljanić
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir

“I shall enchant your eyes and ears…” What would you trade for your wildest dreams? Young Faust makes the deadliest possible bargain – but he has one hell of a time finding out the price. half grand opera, half roofraising choral-orchestral spectacular, Berlioz’s ground-breaking The Damnation of Faust caused a scandal in 1846, and with its supernatural story and thumping good melodies, it’s one of romantic music’s most thrillingly sinful treats. Join John Nelson, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir and an all-star cast for a night when the Devil really does have all the best tunes.

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