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Kaz Hawkins Band

Multi-award winning and unique with 'knock your socks off' vocals from a firework of a character.

Kaz has been wowing UK venues & festivals with her 2016 album Feelin’ Good featuring 8 original songs & a new take on two vintage favourites. Renowned bluesman BBC Radio 2 host Paul Jones is a fan, enjoying her new songs ‘It Ain’t You’ & ‘Don’t Wait For Me’ and her great rendition of ‘Feelin’ Good’.

Terrific vocal performance from her and also lovely guitar playing from Nick McConkey
Paul Jones

This is one powerhouse of a woman, who effortlessly demonstrates her superb songwriting skills, touched with tenderness, humour and a whole lot of oomph. Her lyrics are truly soul stirring and taken from her extraordinary life, she fills people with hope and joy and creates a whole lot of fun.

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