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Anna & Elizabeth

Through their immersive creative process and bold interpretations, Anna & Elizabeth’s visionary partnership pioneers new ways of presenting old songs and stories to modern audiences.

Since 2011, with a deep and shared love of old Appalachian music, they stand at the vanguard of tradition and the avant-garde, transforming traditional music with innovative, modern arrangements. Their captivating performance integrates visual art, movement and experimental film with breathtaking harmonies.

The performance magic comes from unique strengths of each artist: Elizabeth LaPrelle, lauded as the finest traditional singer of her generation, is rooted in rural Virginia and a lifetime of singing ballads. Anna Roberts-Gevalt’s musical path has led her from the kitchens of Kentucky banjo elders to sessions in Brooklyn’s thriving experimental music world. A master instrumentalist, Anna is the band’s arranger and driving force.

Anna & Elizabeth embark on a US, UK & Europe tour to support their new project, with additional accompanists to recreate the expansive sonic landscape of their third full length album, due for release in winter 2018.

The simplicity of their voices accompanied by an array of acoustic instruments and audio visual elements, such as field recordings, film projections, choreography, and old scrolling picture shows dubbed 'crankies', depict songs and stories in this spellbinding concert.

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