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Choir Members

Members of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir are also required to be members of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society at an annual fee of £100 for Silver Membership or £32.50 for Bronze Membership and for full time students and unemployment claimants.

President               Margaret Swinson

Vice-President   Taran Harris

Choir Administrator Rosemary Barton


Rosemary Barton
Sylvia Bawden *
Suzanne Bell
Jane Bennett
Ruth Brown *
Anne-Marie Brzezicki
Sarah Bunting
Elizabeth Burgess
Catherine Butters
Effie Cadwallader
Jennifer Capstick
Elspeth Christie *
Shelagh Crosbie *
Gillian Dowman
Hannah Dutton
Sarah Dyas
Clare Griffiths
Ellen Griffiths
Emma Hanlon
Aimee Harris
Patricia Heyes
Jennifer Hynes
Lyndsey Key
Sophie Leaver
Clare Ledingham
Kirsty Ligertwood
Victoria Lowther
Alison Lui
Melissa McCarthy
Lindsey Macdonald
Susan Main
Carey Marsden *
Nina Maryanji
Amelita Mercer
Fiona Miller
Jane Panter
Katharyn Parry
Joanne Reeve
Ella Ryrie
Clare Smedley
Laura Smoult
Lucy Thomson
Alice Tow
Rachel Wakerley
Hannah Williams
Gillian Winstanley *
Alexandra Worthington


Helen Allwood
Kate Banbury *
Brigid Bell
Ruth Bennett *
Judith Blackwood
Kathryn Boothroyd
Maggie Casaus
Theresa Codd
Sarah Cole
Jennie Cunningham
Barbara Davison
Catherine Freeman
Phoebe Garvie
Jane Grimes
Joanna Harrison
Catherine Henthorn
Claire Hetherington
Clare Hulme
Barbara Jackson
Jan Jones
Alison Knight
Jennifer McLardy
Pamela McNamara *
Michelle Maskell
Penny Morton *
Janice Perkins
Sarah Pumfrey
Helen Pritchard
Helen Rice
Jane Roberts
Claire Scholes
Susan Smith *
Rachel Sweeney
Margaret Swinson
Rachel Tuson
Carolyn Wall
Janet Wareing *
Christine Warner
Luca Wetherall
Hannah Whittle
Sylvia Williams *
Nichola Wright



 Peter Bates *
Michael Birchall
Janet Carver *
Richard Costain
Robert Duffield
Greta Fenney
Edith Firth
Cameron Gergett
Taran Harris
Bill Kingdon
John McLachlan
Ricky Panter
Kari Robert
Marco Roda
Dyanna Swindlehurst *
Paul Wynn



 Ken Black
Simon Cleaver
James Cooke *
Trent Corr
John Findlow
Paul Flight
Rob Gregory
Adrian Griffiths
James Hawkins *
Philip Hepworth
David Holt
Will Jeys
Gary Jones *
John Keogh
Douglas Ligertwood
Michael Lind
Max Lozowsky
Andrew McGowan *
Michael Pitts *
David Scott *
Michael Swinson
Joseph Tilling
Tony Tudor
Tony Twemlow *
David Wetherell *

* denotes Honorary Member of the RLPS