As part of our focus on the piano this season, we're honoured to present Stephen Hough as Artist in Residence this season, with performances of all five Beethoven piano concertos, a solo piano recital and a chamber music concert with musicians from the Orchestra in the Music Room. He'll also feature in a post-concert discussion and Discover the Classics on 24 March.

Named by The Economist as one of 20 Living Polymaths (and by Classic FM as one of the 25 best pianists of all time), British pianist Stephen Hough is a true renaissance man. Born in the Wirral, Stephen is a consummate soloist and chamber musician. "Hough is one of those keyboard polymaths who is at home in whatever music he chooses to play," wrote one critic. Oh, and did we mention he also composes and paints?

Stephen says you have to also have the "ability to be on fire" every time you perform. "You could have played Beethoven's Emperor Concerto for 50 years, and you play it in your 51st year, and you're trembling with excitement and passion all over again," he says. "Any suggestion that you are bored with a piece, then you are in the wrong job. So far I've never been bored on stage playing a piece. I hope that remains the same for me. Genuine originality will come naturally if you are in love with the music. You will have something new to say without having to search in a self-conscious way."

And if you want to hear more of Stephen's compositions, Liverpool Cathedral is also planning to use his setting of the Mass on Sunday 10 June 2018.

Stephen's concerts are a central part of our celebration of the piano in 2018, played by some of the most prominent musicians of our day.