Schools' concerts

Frequently asked questions

Can I check availability for a particular concert before submitting my booking?
We are unable to guarantee availability for any concert, as bookings are processed in the order in which they are received, and we receive a large volume of bookings every day. So in the time between you calling about availability and us receiving and processing your booking, that concert may have sold out, which is why we always ask you to specify an alternative date. If we are unable to accommodate you at either choice, we will contact you to discuss any alternative dates which may be available.

Sold-out concerts will be listed on our website in the ‘Schools’ Concerts’ section.
Concerts which are marked as ‘Limited Availability’ will have fewer than 100 tickets left to sell.

Some of your concerts are not available to book. Why?
Before the concerts go on general release, some dates are block-booked by local Music Education Hubs for their schools.

Can I reserve tickets without payment?
Unfortunately we are not able to hold tickets without payment. You must submit a form with payment in order to guarantee the booking.

How do I calculate how many free adult tickets I am entitled to?
For KS2 & 3, you are entitled to 1 free adult for every 10 child tickets, or part thereof. For example, if you book 33 child tickets you will be entitled to 4 free adult tickets. For KS1 the ratio is 1 adult for 6 child tickets, so if you booked 61 tickets, you would be entitled to 11 free adult tickets.

I am booking for more than one concert series. Do I need to pay two administration fees?
Yes. You will need to pay the £5 administration fee for each series (e.g. KS1 and KS2) that you book. If you book multiple concerts in the same series you only need to pay one administration fee. The fee covers the costs of the scheme of work and the final confirmation packs.

Some/all of my pupils need 1:1 care. Do I need to pay for additional adult tickets?
No. If you need to bring additional adults to support your pupils, just include these in the free adult tickets section of the booking form.

Can I request a particular seating area of the auditorium?
There is a section on the form for any seating requests, however we give preference to schools with access or other needs, and then allocate seats in such a way as to keep each school group together. We will endeavour to meet any preferences for particular seating areas, but cannot guarantee this. Late bookings will generally be placed at the back of the Circle.

My pupils have additional needs. Can you accommodate them?
We have 16 spaces for wheelchair users in the auditorium. The boxes and rear stalls wheelchair areas are most suited to children who have additional needs, or who may need to leave the auditorium during the concert. From working with schools who have attended over many years, we would suggest that you request box seats for children with ASD or similar conditions as they can easily leave and re-enter the auditorium should they become agitated or upset.
If you would like to speak to somebody to discuss how we can best accommodate your party, please call 0151 210 3793.

What happens after I submit my booking form?
If we are able to accommodate your school in your first or second choice concert, you will receive a confirmation email within two weeks of your booking being received. If both of your chosen concerts are full, we will contact you by phone or email to discuss alternative dates.
If you haven’t heard from us within 3 weeks of sending off your booking form, please contact us on 0151 210 3793 or email to check your booking hasn’t got lost in the post.

When will I receive the scheme of work?
Details will be emailed to the email address provided on the booking form. The KS2 and 3 schemes will be available during the autumn term. The KS1 scheme will be available during the Spring term.

When do I receive my tickets?
There are no tickets for these concerts. 2-3 weeks before the concerts, we will send you a final details pack, which will contain confirmation of your booking, coach parking information, and any other information you might need for your visit. In total, you should receive three separate confirmations from us: one when your booking is processed, one with your scheme of work, and a final group ticket. If you haven’t received anything, please ring or email us!

What time do I need to arrive?
You should aim to arrive between 15-30 minutes before the start of the concert. There is limited drop-off space outside the Hall so the area can become quite congested and we may need to ask your coach to circle the block while we unload other coaches which have arrived before yours.

How do I find my seats?

Our staff will meet you off your coach and walk you to your seats.

How long will the concert last?
KS1 concerts last one hour. KS2/3 concerts last 1 hour 15 minutes. You should allow a further 15 minutes to get back to your coach.

Is there somewhere we can eat lunch?
Unfortunately, due to the large volumes of schools and the tight turnaround between concerts, we are unable to provide a space for schools to eat lunch.

We’d like to make a day of our visit to Liverpool. What else can you recommend?
Many schools, especially those travelling a significant distance for the concerts, also choose to visit other cultural attractions on the same day. We’d suggest the Anglican and Metropolitan Cathedrals, Walker Art Gallery, World Museum, Museum of Liverpool and Tate Liverpool, all of which are within a few minutes’ walk or coach journey from the Hall.

Where do our coaches park?
There is no dedicated coach parking in the vicinity of the Hall. Liverpool City Council helpfully suspends some pay and display bays for us around the hall. We will locate each school’s coach and direct you to your coach at the end of the concert.
If your question is not on the above list, please call us on 0151 210 3793 or email

If your question is not on the above list, please call us on 0151 210 3793 or email