Neil Hitt

Section Leader, Timpani

Adopted by Liz Christie in memory of Stuart

What is your earliest musical memory?

Listening to 60's pop music and trying to join in with my Mum's knitting needles and the cushions from our sofa - that was my first 'drum kit'.

Who is your biggest musical inspiration and why?

There are so many, but my Timpani teacher János Keszei really stands out. He gave me a thorough grounding both musically and technically.

What is your most memorable moment with the Orchestra?

There are simply too many to single out just one! However, I would have to say meeting my wife, who used to be a member of the 2nd violins, and actually being offered the Timpani job!

What is the best thing about being a member of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra?

Playing my instrument in the best music ever written and playing in such a great orchestra as ours. It is such a privilege.