Miranda Playfair

Joint Associate Leader, First Violin

Adopted by anonymous patron and Jeremy Paterson-Fox

What was your earliest musical experience?

I heard a violin on the radio and showed vague interest. Mama and Papa acted immediately and bought me a shocking neon orange Chinese violin when I was aged 7. I used to want to impress some 10-year-old twins who would occasionally visit at weekends. Both played the horn very well as they were so big – it seemed to me they were already about 6ft tall! They are now both 7ft tall.

If you weren't a musician, what would you be?

Run a summer retreat for artists of every kind from all over the world (cooks, story tellers, actors, musicians, painters) where they can relax and inspire each other with new experiences. I love architecture, and would design the buildings myself in the mountains of Corsica, a combination of Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier and Bauhaus style, nestled into the rocks overlooking the sea...I'd love a bed and breakfast, or to have a shop selling things I design or buy personally on my travels. I would love to be a curator or to run a gallery.

The options are endless...any job is wonderful if you put your heart into it. I run a small festival in Corsica with my family and a group of extraordinary friends. Anyone interested in the Arts, young talented students or the beautiful island of Corsica, feel free to visit our website www.pontecultura.co.uk.

What is your most memorable moment with the Orchestra so far?

The first violins having to do the walk of shame through the orchestra into the producer's recording booth. We all piled in to listen to playbacks of how shockingly untogether we still were in a tricky fortissimo industrial passage. We planned a strategy and nailed it in the next take! A very humbling and bonding experience, and one that made me laugh for months afterwards. Still does.