We enhance and transform lives through music

Liverpool Philharmonic’s mission is to enhance and transform lives through music. We are deeply committed to playing our part in the educational, health and economic regeneration of Liverpool through long term, strategic and targeted music programmes that genuinely achieve positive results within and beyond music for our participants and audiences.

In Harmony Liverpool uses music to improve the health, education and aspirations of children, young people and families in Everton.

We have a long-term partnership with Mersey Care NHS Trust through our Musician in Residence programme. Our musicians provide over 2,000 sessions each year and the programme has benefited over 10,000 service users since it began.

Our Tuning in to Children programme uses child-led creative music making that develops musical skills, emotional wellbeing, confidence, communication and language skills increasing children’s readiness for school.

Leap into Live Music! is designed to give people who have never attended a concert or event at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall and who might not normally be able to, the chance without worrying about the cost.

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