Kate Marsden

Second Violin

Adopted by Dr E Vivori

What was your earliest musical memory?

My dad is a pianist and music teacher so I suppose from the womb I was exposed to lots of music and piano playing. I think I even went to hear Weather Report in concert, though only half of it as my mother worried about the effect of the volume level on her unborn!

If you weren't a musician, what would you be?

Perhaps working with children... dare I say it... teach. The other option of course is to become an astronaut, that was always my childhood desire - though I'd need to look in to how that might affect my weekends!

Outside of music what are your passions and interests?

I like to convince myself that I am into sports and so occasionally endeavour to go for a jog or play football or swim. It works better some weeks than others. I enjoy walks in the Lakes or North Wales or anywhere out in the countryside.