Cormac Henry

Section Leader, Flute

Adopted by Gill Porter

What is your earliest musical memory?

So far as I can recall, it was being in a photograph taken for the opening of the Kerry School of Music. I was handed a clarinet to attempt to there is a photo of me somewhere in The Kerryman playing the clarinet the wrong way round.

Who is your biggest msuical inspiration and why?

My main teacher at Guildhall was Avery Williams, who had a great influence on me. Outside of the flute and Classical Music, I like to think of Louis Armstrong as a bit of an influence!

What is your most memorable moment with the Orchestra so far?

During the football-themed education concerts a few years ago, the orchestra was really getting into the spirit of it, as we always do in our education concerts. At one point, a group of us did an extravagant goal celebration, sliding on our knees to the front of the stage and did the rocking baby move you often see footballers do. Halfway through I realised Vasily (who hadn't started working with the orchestra yet) was watching from the box just to our right. I dread to imagine what he was thinking!

If you weren't a musician, what would you be?

If I wasn't a musician (and had the talent), I'd be a professional golfer. I try and get a round of golf in as regularly as I can.

Cormac Henry - Section Leader, Flute

In this interview Cormac talks about how he joined the Orchestra, his earliest musical experience and his funniest moments with the orchestra.