Music Room

Family Concert

The Mad Professor

Claire Henry
Musicians from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

Especially for the under 5s

It’s never too early to introduce your children to the sights and sounds of an Orchestra. This season we’ve got new concerts designed specifically for our youngest audiences. Fidgeting, wriggling, dancing and exploring are all part of the experience!

In this concert children learn all about the different families of instruments as the Mad Professor attempts to create her own! Each orchestra section will demonstrate their instruments, and the Mad Professor attempts to play her own mad-cap musical creations. With help from the audience (and the Prof’s trusty friend Freddie the Frog) your little ones will learn all about music making.

Concert format and programme originally developed by Claire Henry with City of London Sinfonia and Orchestras Live.

£11 (adults) £7 (children)
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