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Sgt Pepper at 50: Getting Better?

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We’re living in interesting times. But is it, as Paul McCartney sang, getting better all the time? Or is it a case, as a laconic John Lennon responded, that it “couldn’t get no worse”?

That’s what Washington DC-born composer, artist and author Paul D Miller, aka DJ Spooky, sets out to answer in Getting Better? Expect an evening of music inspired by Getting Better and other songs from the Sgt Pepper album, complete with a string quartet, MC and vocalist on stage, and a chance for the audience to interact with DJ Spooky before and after the very special concert experience he has planned.

From Sunday 4 June until Friday 16 June, DJ Spooky will explore the Getting Better? question through a mixture of performance and an audio-visual installation at FACT. Working in collaboration with multimedia artists The Holladay Brothers, and guest artists, Miller will infuse technology to create a dynamic response. Visit to find out more.

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