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Of Sailors and Whalers

Of Sailors and Whalers - Shanties and Songs of River and Sea

Come celebrate Liverpool’s maritime history with a rant and a roar!

Port Sunlight Sea Dogs continue a great tradition of singing shanties and songs of a sailor's hard life on the high seas, songs of heroes and villains and smugglers and wreckers. Supported by the wonderful Gerry Ffrench, with the River Mersey in our souls, and Scouse in our bellies, our shared Mersey roots are steeped in folk and Irish traditions, Merseybeat, Beatles, Skiffle, Punk and even opera! We promise haunting ballads, wonderful harmonies, raucous choruses and a barrel of laughs.

John Coleman, Mal Lowe, John Thackray, Denis Toohey and Arthur Vaughan are born, bred and well-seasoned performers from both banks of the Mersey. Liverpool’s historic ‘Phil’, at the heart of the city of Liverpool, is just the place for Port Sunlight Sea Dogs and friends to ‘sing out’ tales ‘Of Sailors and Whalers’, in mildly raucous working songs, lusty choruses and wistful ballads of homes far away.

Port Sunlight Sea Dogs perform at maritime events, historic venues, ships and boats, and shanty and harbour festivals, with the River Mersey, the waterfront, the Port of Liverpool, the docks and its people, all celebrated in songs and stories. They have also participated in the soundscape for Liverpool's Everyman production 'Unsung', about (unsung) hero, Liverpool abolitionist Edward Rushton, and performed at the launch of the Mersey’s ‘newest’ historic vessel, ‘The Danny’; the Liverpool Pilots Service ‘Freedom of the City’ awards, and at Liverpool’s annual Merchant Navy Memorial Day; all important tributes to our past and future maritime story.

Gerry Ffrench is deservedly one of our most popular musicians and singer-songwriters, with many festival, radio and live performances to her name, at home, and in Europe. Gerry is a brilliant writer and performer of songs of Liverpool life, of the city and its people, at war and at peace. Her colourful Liverpool and Irish roots have fed an amazing talent, which has earned Gerry such wide appeal.

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