Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

Mnozil Brass: Cirque

"Cirque" is the newest escapade of the magnificent seven.

Mnozil Brass will be plumbing the depths of their instruments once again to entertain you in this brand new show. Entering the ring to combat the monkey business of daily life with music and humour, transforming the stage into a musical flea circus…Come one! Come all! Listen and be amazed!

Mnozil are decisive and strong believers that the earth is round, and assiduously go out of their way, travelling the globe on a mission and with the firm intention of bringing their Elysian style of music and laughter to the rest of the world.

In summary: The earth is round, humanity laughs and in a nutshell, the world is a circus.

This septet from Vienna is probably the strangest brass ensemble ever. With their musical virtuosity mixed with their own special kind of comedy, the only way to describe Mnozil Brass is possibly to label them a cross between Mr Bean and the Monty Python of the music world. They really have to be seen to be believed.

For all the brass players who have marvelled at Mnozil Brass in open mouthed incredulity it will always remain the staggering sound and virtuosity of seven very special players that leaves us wanting more.
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