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Liverpool Philharmonic, one of the UK’s most forward-looking music organisations.

Ian Bracken - Cello

Ian Bracken joined the Orchestra in 1992 and is Principal Cello number three. Ian also plays football in the Liverpool Philharmonic team!

Q. What was your earliest musical experience?
A. Listening to Frank Sinatra with my father

Q. Do you play any other instruments?
A. Piano - very badly

Q. If you could play a different instrument, which one would it be?
A. Piano or guitar

Q. What would you most like to do if you weren’t a musician?
A. Having been overlooked by Arsenal I'd settle for being a chef!

Q. If you could take a recording of one piece of music to a desert island, what would it be?
A. Mahler's 9th Symphony

Q. Which piece of music do you most enjoy playing?
A. All Mahler Symphonies

Q. Which personality (historical, musical or otherwise – living or dead!) would you most like to share a bottle of wine with?
A. Sophia Loren

Q. Where’s your favourite place to eat/drink in Liverpool?
A. Tai Pan and London Carriage Works

Q. What do you do to relax in your free time?
A. Cook

Q. Where’s your favourite holiday destination?
A. I love all things Italian but very happy exploring British countryside - especially the coast and mountains  

Ian Bracken

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