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Liverpool Philharmonic, one of the UK’s most forward-looking music organisations.

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra - players

Vasily Petrenko Chief Conductor
Libor Pešek KBE
Conductor Laureate
Ian Tracey

Strings l Woodwind l Brass l Percussion

Diagram of the Orchestra

Diagram of the Orchestra (click to enlarge)

The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra (click to enlarge)

Click on players' names to learn more about each orchestra member. 


First Violin

James Clark and Thelma Handy Joint Leaders
Adi Brett Joint Associate Leader Adopted by Marcus & Paula Crompton
Miranda Playfair Joint Associate Leader
Adopted by anon
Rakhvinder Singh Joint Assistant Leader Adopted by Susan Davies & Iris Caulfield
Lesley Gwyther
Adopted by Mary Riddoch; Dr W E and Mrs J M Kenyon; CHE
Martin Richardson Adopted by Tim Jones
Concettina Del Vecchio  Adopted by Mary Riddoch
Alexander Marks Adopted by anon
John Hebbron † Adopted by Synergy Colour Printers and In Memory of Duncan Atherton
David Whitehead Adopted by Mr and Mrs A Gauntlett
Stephan Mayer Adopted by Carmel Stewart
Ruth McNamara Adopted by Alma Griffiths
Susanna Jordan Adopted by Peter R Brooks
Elizabeth Lamberton Adopted by Don & Anne Littler

Second Violin

Kate Richardson Section Leader Adopted by Mrs Jean Bingham and anon
Dania Alzapiedi
Sophie Coles Adopted by Caroline McEvoy & Helen Kelly
Kate Marsden
Adopted by Dr E Vivori
Martin Anthony Burrage † Adopted by Anne S Wolff
James Hutton † Adopted by Robin & Ann Moor
Justin Evans Adopted by Sir Harold Kroto FRS, Romain Rabot & Catherine Wall, Lesley Smith
Sally Anne Anderson Adopted by Mr and Mrs J P Monaghan
David Rimbault
Olga Smolen
Adopted by Alan Turnock
James Pattinson


Catherine Marwood Adopted by Kathy Kelly / Vicci Wardman Section Leaders
Robert Shepley
Adopted by Hitchcock Wright and Partners
David Ruby
Richard Wallace † Adopted by anon
Fiona Stunden Adopted by Jean Cross
Rachel Jones Adopted by Robert & Pamela Ferguson
Rebecca Walters Adopted by Mr and Mrs J Rodgers
Sarah Hill Adopted by anon
Ian Fair Adopted by anon


Jonathan Aasgaard Section Leader
Adopted by Hugh and Juliet Morton; Brian and Colleen Higgins
Hilary Browning
Adopted by Mr & Mrs HR Tregunna, and Mrs P Browning
Ian Bracken
Adopted by Michael D Handley and Edward J Davies
Gethyn Jones Adopted by Dr and Mrs M G Van Dessel
Stephen Mann Adopted by CA Reilly
Ruth Owens Adopted by Mr and Mrs D Hugo
Alexander Holladay Adopted by Viv Hollinshead
Mark Lindley
Liubov Ulybysheva

Double Bass

Marcel Becker Section Leader Adopted by Paul & Christen Herbert
Damián Rubido González Associate Principal Double Bass Adopted by Maggie Tillett
Ashley Frampton Adopted by Mr David Billington
Nigel Dufty Adopted by Teri Holmes
Daniel Hammerton
Adopted by anon; Valerie and Elfed Morgan
Anthony Williams



Cormac Henry Section Leader Adopted by Gill Porter
Fiona Fulton Adopted by Liverpool Organic Brewery Ltd



Jonathan Small  Section Leader
Adopted by Dr S and Mrs B Grant; Mrs Valerie Connolly
Ruth Davies Adopted by Mary Riddoch

Cor Anglais


Thomas Verity adopted by Jon & Sally Sheard; PJ Whitfield

Bass Clarinet


Alan Pendlebury Section Leader
Adopted by Dr BA Proctor
Rebekah Abramski
Adopted by Peter R Brooks


Gareth Twigg Adopted by Sue & Roger Greenwood



Timothy Jackson Section Leader Adopted by Robin Bloxsidge & Nick Riddle and St Michael's C of E High School
Simon Griffiths
Adopted by Oswestry Concert Goers
David Pigott † Adopted by Alec Mackinnon
Timothy Nicholson
Christopher Morley
Adopted by anon


Rhys Owens Section Leader Adopted by Sheila Loyden
Paul Marsden Adopted by Roland Zollner & Colin Parr
Brendan Ball Adopted by Liverpool Organic Brewery Limited

Tenor Trombone

Simon Cowen Section Leader
Simon Powell

Bass Trombone

Simon Chappell 


Robin Haggart Adopted by anon


Neil Hitt Section Leader
Adopted by Alec Mackinnon, and Liz Christie in memory of Stuart


Graham Johns Section Leader
Adopted by Mr WJ and Mrs CJ Bowley
Josephine Frieze
Adopted by Dr Barry Mintz and Mr David Mintz
Henry Baldwin
Adopted by Dorothy Taylor and Jill Conlan

† denotes Honorary Life Member of the Society 

Thelma Handy, Joint Leader

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